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4 Strategic Tips to Recruit Quality Candidates

By December 14, 2021 No Comments

At Chidatma Lex Group we not only provide legal services – we help clients grow their business.  Employees are one of a company’s  most valuable assets. When filling an open position, you want to find the most suitable person for the job without jumping through a bunch of hoops. By applying these four recruitment marketing tips, you can improve hiring processes and master the art of attracting and nurturing qualified candidates to join your team.

1. Craft a Strong Job Description

One of the best things you can do to save time and effort when searching for a new staff member is to craft a  a thorough job description. An effective job post lets candidates know exactly what you are looking for and offering, thereby reducing the chance of an ill-fitting candidate walking through the door.  Clearly communicate the role’s responsibilities, requirements, benefits and rewards.

Until the position is filled, regularly check on the posting to update it with any changes.

2. Host an Event

Employees can be the strongest advocates for your company. Hosting an event for employees and potential future employees accomplishes two goals simultaneously: 1)  networking and learning more about great candidates, and 2) letting  your staff share what they love about the company, which entices individuals to pursue a career with your business.

Perhaps you have knowledgeable and well-spoken directors who can host a business management seminar. Utilize social media, job boards, and local colleges to promote the event. Document who attends and their contact information. Send attendees away with company goodies, such as water bottles or notepads with the business’s logo. After the event, gather feedback from your leaders to see if anyone stood out for future positions.

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3. Offer Unique Benefits

A benefits package may be the ultimate reason a quality candidate chooses your company over a similar job elsewhere. Gone are the days when a basic medical, dental, and vision plan was the only thing a company gave employees. Nowadays, employees are offered a vast number of extras.

To entice the best applicants, create a diverse and attractive benefits package. According to one report, free meals, a relaxed dress code, flexible scheduling and remote work are some of the most desired perks in a company’s package. Other unique benefits include allowing pets at work, unlimited paid time off, and on-site child care. The more enticing the benefits program, the better your chances of snagging qualified job-seekers.

4. Arrange Engaging Interviews

If you get a top-notch candidate in your office for an interview, chances are he or she is considering other job opportunities. If the person gets a bad feeling from the interview, that might stop him or her from pursuing a position at your company.

Prior to the interview, clearly communicate the time, location, and any specifics the interviewee may need to know when arriving. Respect the interviewee by being on time and sticking primarily to the topic at hand.

The majority of your questions should be applicable to the specific role you are filling. Keep generic interview questions to a minimum.

A recruiting marketing plan will  save you valuable time and increase the chances of finding the person best suited for an open position. Instead of typing up a few sentences and posting them on a job board, proactively incorporate these tips into your recruitment strategies to give your company the best chance to find quality employees.

Enjoyed these tips? See how else Chidatma Lex Group can help your business.  We help innovative businesses, startups, and emerging business leaders take things to the next level.  Thanks to Elena Stewart for her expert contributions.